Jan. 9th, 2013 10:25 pm
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We've been trying to convince the CMO for months that we need more help back in Inventory. So, today, I was at my desk getting ready to send an email when the CMO came back. I was the only one there at the time and he asked me a bunch of questions, but mostly like, how long it took me to pull the job I was working on. Would it cut back on the amount of time I spent having to walk around if I just had a cart I could load stuff onto and if it would cut back on the amount of time I had to spend at my desk. I said it would, but it would depend on the job, because some were spread out and you still had to walk around and some had all the parts together. I was getting the impression he thought we shouldn't be having to go back to our desks for anything once we pulled the kits.

Apparently, he told Scott that I said that we didn't need more people back in Inventory we just needed some carts to use to lug stuff around on, so he was going to purchase some for the department. He also said that he'd stood back there for awhile watching everyone rushing around and having to go from place to place. Which he DIDN'T, when he came back there, I was the only one there and I was typing an email. He didn't go anywhere else and he didn't speak to anyone else.

I hate liars and Scott said point blank that Larry will manipulate and twist what we say to get the result he wants. He said, "it's not your fault, it's what Larry does". STILL PISSED, THOUGH.

Scott wasn't even going to ask me what I said, he'd mentioned it to Patty and she said, "you'd better talk to [ninkasa], because she told me about that at lunch and I think he's twisting what she said around."

Gaah. So now, instead of them hiring us help, he's going to give us carts that we can't use because there's no room to go through the racks and things. I mean, yeah, we NEED carts because we don't have enough to build kits, but it's not really going to help.
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