Jan. 1st, 2013 10:53 pm
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Anyone who's been on this LJ long enough knows that Textsfromlastnight is a thing that makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy. And I know people have done it before, so I figure, why not. I want to do a fic-a-thon and this will hold me over until the valentine's days start. I am DETERMINED to keep up on my word count this year. So. . .

You know how this works. You reply with a fandom, a person or pairing and a text from the website and someone responds with the fill for said prompt.

For example:

Grey's Anatomy. Mark Sloane. (828) Idk how much more i could have responded my dick was basically trying to unzip the zipper and hop out

Stargate SG-1. Sam/Jack. (774) It was right before we played jenga with champagne glasses for a good half hour

You can interpret the prompt however you want. You know how this works by now. No underage pairings. RPF is allowed. Place warnings and ratings when you reply to the prompts and be sure to warn for any triggers just in case.

I'll leave it open from Jan. 1st - Jan 31st. That should be plenty of time for people to get back and settle in.

I'm also leaving this post open so you can TOTALLY pimp this out. Except I don't know how to make a link back to this post so, you're on your own there. :)



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