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Okay. So far, the computer and monitor are working fine, so fingers crossed on that. One of the IT guys at work is gonna give me one of the old monitors from where we upgraded so I'll have that as a back-up if this one does crap out on me at some point.

Tonight, I need to:

- Eat dinner
- E-mail F my Sam/Sarah fic for beta
- Start on some of the drabble requests
- Make an effort to answer tags
- Set up Cas/Anna bb!thread
- Charge IPod
- Fall asleep

Tomorrow, I need to:

- Get breakfast from somewhere
- Go to work till five
- Go on lunch break to the confectionary shop to pick up things for the [community profile] ontdcreepy candy exchange so I have that at least bought if not mailed out (that will probably take my full lunch hour)
- Go back to work -- try not to kill co-workers
- Pay Jacki for Bon Jovi ticket
- Go to Post Office and buy stamps from the little vending machine. See if I can mail the package using do it yourself mailing thing.
- Go to grocery store so I can have food in the house
- Go to Wal-Mart and get a few clothing essentials I am out of since I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO LAUNDRY
- Get dinner as I'll be too tired by then to cook (or eat left-overs from tonight, depending)
- Set up Cas/Anna bb!thread if I don't have it done tonight
- Pass the fuck out


- Go to work
- Come home
- Pass out

Second verse same as the first until next Saturday. Then DIE.

On a typical work week, we're all so loopy by Thursday that we're cutting up and giggly. We figure by next Thursday we'll be sick of the sight of each other.


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