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So last night, I had a dream that I somehow got to go back in time and see this performed live. Maybe The Doctor, IDEK. But like, while I was in the crowd, I realized that the sun was completely glaring so much I couldn't see the stage, so I thought, I need to get closer.

But before I could do it, they started playing this and I thought, "This is WEIRD. . ."

And then I woke up with that song imh and I was SO PISSED cause I didn't get to see the CONCERT.

And now I'm gonna some breakfast from McDonald's, I think. . .
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I just danced for twenty minutes straight to this and this.

They might be a weird choice, but I FEEL better. :D
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So, I finally went off on my supervisor today when he tried to make me do someone else's job. I told him that he needed to make the person who's job it was to do that do it. Him: Well, this just came out and Mike's not here.

Me: Then you need to either train someone else how to do it or take me off Jacki's team and put me back on Patty's. I do not have time to do ECN's and stock transfers and bake parts and do RMAs and pull the fucking kits.

Then I went to lunch and put in to take Monday off.

He called me into his office later and gave me some big rant about how he wouldn't have gotten away with talking to his bosses like that and something or other. And how he'd almost sent me home (me: I wish you had.) but how he decided to just let me cool down (he didn't decide, Darryl told him to just leave me be), but how it hurt his feelings that I yelled at him. (Pull up your big girl panties and get over it) He also said how I should have told him before it got to that point. (Because us telling him every fucking week for the last three months that we need help wasn't good enough, apparently.) And then he made a comment about how we all needed to be able to do the cross-training. (ME: I AM CROSS-TRAINED. BUT THE POINT IS I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DO SOMEONE ELSE'S JOB FOR THEM ALL THE DAMNED TIME.) And that's FUNNY coming from him since he doesn't even know how to look up a part without help.

I put in to take Monday off and I'm going to put in more applications other places because FUCK THIS SHIT.

Unrelated, but this song came on the radio today and -- after being stuck listening to that country station that played Better Dig Two over and over again -- me, Darryl and Tonya kind of lost it and started dancing around and singing. :D


Jan. 22nd, 2013 09:50 pm
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I've figured something out. If the money isn't back in my account in the morning then I'm going to take a few of the dvds that I don't watch and sell them at the used store.

I'm only short like $10 to be able to pay the vet, so I'll get T, then when the money goes back into my account, I'll buy said dvds back.


This means I have to call in until like noon or so for work, but they can deal. Little Bit is more important.
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Oh. Also, we have to work this Friday.

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So, I returned some things that I didn't need earlier today. Fine. But I REALLY hope that said return clears by tomorrow on my card, because I just had to spend some of the cash I was keeping back to pay for T's neutering.

Since he's currently in recovery at said vet, I can't exactly postpone it. <__< Ro is v. clingy I think she's not sure why the small, noisy one isn't here anymore.
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Damn. I thought Dan Brown was DONE with the Robert Langdon books. . .now I'm going to have to lay hands on copies of the first three again before this comes out.

I used to have them, but I think I sold them in a fit of unfucking one time. . . .
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I wish that my stomach had decided to act up BEFORE I got out of bed and drug my ass in here. I think something I ate was not awesome.

I've decided I'm calling in on Saturday and putting my car in the shop to get the oil changed and the wiper fixed. It's more important than this place. It's not like they're gonna make me use vacation time for overtime money. And if they write me up. . . .whatever.
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So, I've got an Inbox full of unanswered tags, we're working until at least Saturday.

And now all I want to do is rewatch S3 of SPN and work on Dean/Ruby fic.

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I've had this stuck imh all day.

It makes me happy. :D
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I spent last night watching Supernatural with Basil and Emily at their house and it was RIDICULOUSLY fun. As much as I love having my own place I miss hanging out with them and I have missed just the fun of watching SPN without all the. . .added stupidity of the latter half of the series. So we watched random eps from S1-3 and it was fun. I couldn't remember half of what was said or all of the episodes we watched, but it was fun.

I woke up with this stuck imh. I blame Bela. The last episode we watched was the Ghost Ship ep of S3. And then me and the kitties spent the night there because it was storming and I've only got one working windshield wiper until payday.

I've been thinking over the last few weeks about having Izzie find the Winchester Gospels in the game where she's been seeing Dean. But after re-watching some of the earlier eps, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. It would just be a MASSIVE invasion of privacy and some if it is REALLY not the kinds of things she should learn on her own.

Meanwhile, Lisa called me while I was over there, wanting me to move into a three bedroom apartment with her and her kids because they've been staying with a friend of hers and she's miserable. I'm like. . .NO. I haven't said anything yet, I said I'd think about it, because we were watching SPN at the time and I didn't feel like having that conversation. It's. . .yes, I know I'm struggling, but I'm also HAPPY where I am. Not that I don't want to get out of this area like burning, but still. And I just COULDN'T share a house with someone who didn't understand fandom. I couldn't. It's a thing that takes up A LOT of time out of my life and I am not going to spend my time trying to EXPLAIN it to people. Just. . .NO.

And now I've got twelve hours before I have to go back to work and if they even LOOK like they want to expect us to come in this weekend, I am GOING TO BE PISSED. I'm telling them I'm going out of town and they can just DEAL with it. (I'm not, but I'm TELLING them that.)
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Title: If happily ever after did exist, then I would be holding you like this
Author: ninkasa
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Sarah Blake
Rating: PG
Summary: There is someone he thinks of from time to time as the end of days draws closer.
Word Count: 1891
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] ninurta for the beta. All mistakes are mine.



Jan. 9th, 2013 10:25 pm
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We've been trying to convince the CMO for months that we need more help back in Inventory. So, today, I was at my desk getting ready to send an email when the CMO came back. I was the only one there at the time and he asked me a bunch of questions, but mostly like, how long it took me to pull the job I was working on. Would it cut back on the amount of time I spent having to walk around if I just had a cart I could load stuff onto and if it would cut back on the amount of time I had to spend at my desk. I said it would, but it would depend on the job, because some were spread out and you still had to walk around and some had all the parts together. I was getting the impression he thought we shouldn't be having to go back to our desks for anything once we pulled the kits.

Apparently, he told Scott that I said that we didn't need more people back in Inventory we just needed some carts to use to lug stuff around on, so he was going to purchase some for the department. He also said that he'd stood back there for awhile watching everyone rushing around and having to go from place to place. Which he DIDN'T, when he came back there, I was the only one there and I was typing an email. He didn't go anywhere else and he didn't speak to anyone else.

I hate liars and Scott said point blank that Larry will manipulate and twist what we say to get the result he wants. He said, "it's not your fault, it's what Larry does". STILL PISSED, THOUGH.

Scott wasn't even going to ask me what I said, he'd mentioned it to Patty and she said, "you'd better talk to [ninkasa], because she told me about that at lunch and I think he's twisting what she said around."

Gaah. So now, instead of them hiring us help, he's going to give us carts that we can't use because there's no room to go through the racks and things. I mean, yeah, we NEED carts because we don't have enough to build kits, but it's not really going to help.
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I just made Tyrion a vet appointment for the 22nd to be be neutered. I have to take him in and drop him off at 8:00 in the morning.

I'm NERVOUS about leaving him overnight. IDK why. I think it's a combination of him never having spent the night w/o me and Ro and knowing that they're going to have to sedate him to do it.

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I just emailed Patty at work telling her she's going to see this with me when it comes out.

Because if I sat through Twilight so she can lust after RPattz, she can sit through Hansel and Gretel with me so I can lust after Jeremy Renner in tight pants.

It's Equivalent Trade! :D

(Also, the trailer reminds me of Brothers Grimm, which I loved, so I'm carefully optimistic.)
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GUISE. If you haven't seen [personal profile] settiai's Cap video The War Was in Color, freaking do it. It's GORGEOUS and has been stuck imh all day. :D Like to the point that now if I hear the song, I will CRY.
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I haven't really looked yet, but I will when I get home from running errands, etc.
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Okay. So far, the computer and monitor are working fine, so fingers crossed on that. One of the IT guys at work is gonna give me one of the old monitors from where we upgraded so I'll have that as a back-up if this one does crap out on me at some point.

To do list for the next eight days. Subject to change based on mental health and sleep deprivation )

On a typical work week, we're all so loopy by Thursday that we're cutting up and giggly. We figure by next Thursday we'll be sick of the sight of each other.
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Would someone be willing to beta read a Supernatural fic? It's about 2000 words long, a one-shot of Sam and one of the girls of the week from seasons back.

I don't really need a beta for character, but what I need is grammar and tense. I can't tell if I had a weird attack of tense change halfway through the fic or if it's just that it jumped from past time to present time in the course of the narrative.

Grr. Argh.

Jan. 2nd, 2013 09:08 am
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They won't tell us exactly who it was. But someone while most of us were off these last two weeks did something that caused EVERYTHING we did to be deleted. Essentially, they erased all the stuff we busted our asses and worked overtime to get completed.

All of the orders we filled got deleted and now they have to go through and create NEW orders and have us go back and re-fill them. So we're pretty sure we're going to be stuck in here on Friday and maybe Saturday as well.

And the person who did it will not be fired -- according to Jacki -- "because of who it is".

But we aren't allowed to complain about it or we'll be sent home under the new "no negativity" policy.
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